Why source your wool from HappySheeps?

We don’t just have sheep, we have "sheeps"

We manage a free-ranging "collection of sheeps". Stated simply, in caring for our flock, we recognise our animals as individuals, living independent and unencumbered lives.

Every single animal at HappySheeps is cared for on a 1-on-1 basis. We know the unique personalities of our animals—their quips and quirks—which allows us to engage in low-stress, low-maintenance handling.


No mulesing. Ever.

Many Merino producers engage in the extremely painful practice of mulesing—a practice many veterinarians, and animal welfare organizations like PETA, have condemned.

At HappySheeps, we refuse to engage in mulesing. We believe mulesing causes sheep to suffer unnecessarily, which is why we don’t accept it as an animal husbandry practice and have taken natural steps that make the practice unnecessary.


Pain-relief from docking and castration

The gentle treatment of each and every sheep is essential to running a truly ethical, and forward-thinking farm. To that end, we use local anaesthetics to offer our animals a respite from the pain associated with docking and castration, antiquated but unavoidable practices of running a healthy sheep property.


The finest clothing requires the finest wool

Premium labels should use premium fibres and fabrics.

Any high-end designer who believes in producing wearable products that are truly a cut-above the rest, needs access to the very best natural fibre, produced as ethically as possible.

HappySheeps wool provides that access.

By purchasing Merino wool directly from our 40,000-acre (16,000 hectares) farm, you can say with 100% certainty that your Merino wool was nurtured, grown, and shorn in the most ethical, animal-friendly environment possible.


More trees. More shade. More shelter.

Any property that engages in outdoor lambing needs to offer its animals ample shelter. Our forebears knew this and actively preserved valuable centuries old tree and shrub areas. At HappySheeps, we’ve added to this valuable resource by planting almost one million trees and low-lying shrubs to give our ewes everything they need to engage in naturally sustainable lambing and mothering.

Our tree-and shrub-laden shelter-belts lead to better suckling conditions for our lambs, lower risk of disease, and a lower risk of premature death.

The ample use of century old preserved and newly planted native trees and shrubs across our 40,000-acre (16,000-hectare) farm also improves the overall environment of our property and the wider community.


Our science is sound

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a very young, very aspirational veterinarian by the name of Dr. Jim Watts transformed the wool industry forever when he started looking at how wool forms in the skin follicles of Merino sheep.

In the decades since, Dr. Watts’ research led to the discovery of SRS® Merino sheep, a sub-breed of sheep capable of resisting flystrike (the root cause of mulesing) while growing an incomparably soft, luminous fleece.

At HappySheeps, we use the same breed of Merino sheep discovered by Dr. Watts, to produce premium, mulesing-free wool of perfectly balanced density, weight, and lustre.